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Important Health Issue:  Breath Healthy!

 Clean Air Zone Purifying System /”New Industry21″/.


Air in space of any building has some content of pollution depend of local activity…Industrial dust or chemical pollution … from any industrial process or micro-particles of  fabrics , which are the duct of friction of our clothes, suits any fabrics, or carpet and toys materials… It became more dangerous now because of more synthetics materials we are using in our life in home, at office, on performance of theaters into cinemas, athletic and  tennis centers, etc. …  Into any  space content different sizes of particles from 10(-6) mk  to 1-2mm  with huge concentration to millions in each cubic  yard.  That became one of important factors of healthy condition or earlier breathe problems, asthma and deadly pneumonia  in older age… 

You could easy to determine the condition of your own space pollution of dust with particles of disperses by yourself or to order the special service of environmental laboratories. ( See additional file of Attachment#1). 

Air Dust

Air Pollution and Dust in our Homes and Public Places are dangerous for your health and health of your family and children. We should solve this huge problem for Your Clean Breathing and Healthy Life!

New Clean Zone Purifier System solve the problem of Clean AIR for Breathing and Medical needs in every Home or Public spaces!

Dust is going into the air stream that just cleaned, because of the lower pressure in speeding air of purifier then around in the space around. It starts the diffusion process  and dust from the room is going to the clean air stream of purifier. It makes dirty just after cleaning that create problem for breathing.

Regular conditions of the room at home, or work, or hall, or etc. there we have to be is the permanent pollutants activity. 

We have a huge one common problem of a purifier industry:

 99.99% of all existing purifiers with “one cleaning stream design” can produce clean air, but cannot deliver it for breathing because of the immediate process of diffusion of air with permanent pollutants of dust around.

 It is the reason for invention the new Clean Air Zone Purifier System: The idea of invention is: create new purifier with cleaning process which could prevent the clean air stream from diffusion of dust from a space around and create autonomic zone of clean air for healthy breathing.





Clean Air Zone Purifier is a unique air purifying device and in other one design is a system of ventilation which produces clean, breathable air by eliminating dust pollutants after cleaning. The device features  by few streams of airflow in order to create a zone of clean air for healthy breathing.

  • Provides users with an air purifying unit which utilizes an air purifying system as a filter and two-layer streaming to create fresh, clean, and breathable air.
  • Utilizes a unique air expelling head which produces streams of air in order to block out dust particles.
  • Features an air filter located within the device which purifies air drawn in by the intake holes, allowing the streaming system to emit clean and healthy air.
  • Offers a way for individuals to live a more healthy lifestyle without external pollutants.
  • Fits conveniently onto multiple different items in the home such as behind a couch or sofa, behind a bed, on a desk, and more.


Problems Solved by the Invention

After cleaning, there is often an abundance of dust in the air. Without proper air purification, people breathe in all of the dust and unhealthy air particles. Single-stream air purifiers can be inefficient and not purify the surrounding air properly, leaving an individual still breathing in an unhealthy amount of pollutants. Existing air purifiers with a one-stream cleaning design  unable to produce clean air for breathing because of the permanent process of dust diffusion into a clean air stream.

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